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Black Moon

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I've always loved Rats and DOD 250's. I feel like they really got it right. What started as a hybrid of the two quickly grew to be something new and different. The Black Moon features a simple two-knob layout with a huge amount of signal on tap on both controls to overdrive the sh!t out of your amp. Designed with driving an already gainy amp in mind, the over-designed power supply keeps the low end tight. That said, it can also work in plenty of other contexts where you need dirt and/or volume. It can work on bass too if grindy midrange is your thing.

The circuit contains two parts - the power circuit which boosts the incoming 9V up to 25V, and the distortion circuit itself which contains all of the best components I could source. High gain with low noise.

- Massively over-built power section with an internal voltage boost to 25V using a DC-DC converter running at 1.6 MHz, ensuring no noise in the audio band
- Over-sized inductor and huge caps to ensure rock solid power
- Uses all high grade, low noise opamps and film caps wherever possible
- Active volume control
- Reverse voltage and over-voltage protection
- Click-less relay bypass
- Standard 9V center negative power
- Current draw - 100 mA - no battery option ***
- Input impedance - 2Mohm
- Output impedance - <1kohm

*** Ensure that your power supply can handle the necessary current. The Black Moon needs a lot more than your average drive pedal because of the voltage boost.

Harsh Tones Inc. Demo Video

Eric Merrow Demo Video

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