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Cursed Mountain

$200.00 / Coming soon

No matter how you set the knobs on my '73 Ampeg SVT, it always sounds good. I searched for a long time to find a bass dirt pedal that sounded right and acted accordingly, but to no avail. Here enters the Cursed Mountain. Set up with a similar topology to a tube amp, but using Jfets instead of tubes, it gets the smooth distortion I was looking for all those years. In addition to your standard gain and volume knobs, it features an active tilt eq, not your typical big muff circuit, and a parallel clean blend with its own volume control. The tilt eq only affects the dirty signal, and the clean signal is only below 250Hz. An example of how this is beneficial would be to turn the tilt eq up toward the highs (which cuts out some bass) and blend in some clean, so the distortion is only on the high end and the low end is nice and tight; great for playing any kind of fast metal! Or, if you have a bass on the brighter side, roll the tilt back a bit to mellow it out. OR or, keep the tilt in the center and use the clean blend to increase the clean bass along with the distorted bass for a massive amount of low end that your audience can really feel! Both the clean and dirty sides have plenty of volume on tap to overdrive anything that comes after them.